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All of our beans come from 1 farm and are processed in 1 mill. Roasted in antique barrels over a open flame, packaged and delivered to your front door.

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Rachel Sterling

“It’s Simply Tasteful”




  • Light Roast

    1 lb

    Roasted over open flame for fraction of time it takes to roast a Medium, or Dark Roast.


  • Medium Roast

    1 lb

    Medium Roast is perfectly blended between Light roast, and Dark roast with an unbelievable taste.


  • Dark Roast

    1 lb

    Dark roasted coffees are dark brown in color, like chocolate, or sometimes almost black.


  • Silver

    1lb/mo x 6mos

    This plan includes 1 pound of coffee delivered each month for a span of 6 months.


  • Gold

    2lb/mo x 12mos

    This plan includes 2 pounds of coffee delivered each month for a span of 12 months.


  • Platinum

    3lb/mo x 12mos

    This plan includes 3 pound of coffee delivered each month for a span of 12 months.


  • French Press

    8 cup

    The french press is and has been one of the most flavorful ways to brew coffee.


  • Grinder


    The powerful motor quickly grinds ounces of coffee beans with automatic timer.


  • Coffee Maker

    1 cup

    Process with less acidity than coffee made by conventional hot brew methods.


  • Coffee Mug

    1 cup

    Enjoy the most premium cup of coffee in the world in one of our mugs memorable mugs.


  • Expresso

    77 fl oz

    Efficient heat exchange system and commercial-grade components definitely delivers.


  • K-Cups


    The reusable coffee filter is compatible universally with Keurig® brewers of most types.


  • Chocolate Beans


    1 lb of delicious dark chocolate espresso beans that combines both taste and energy.


  • Cherry Tea


    Composed of remnant coffee cherry husks after having been dried during processing.


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  • Great Taste
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