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Green Bean Quality

Green Bean Quality

Cultivated from the Mauna Loa slopes in the district of KA’U, located on the southern tip of the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii. This roast of coffee has an amazing taste due to the Arabica bean quality. Coffee is consumed by millions of people everyday ,and also is the worlds number one stimulant used. so why not try a 100% KA’U roast that delivers excellent quality and taste. The Arabica Bean roast delivers just that. Hawaiian farmers are a tremendous factor in why these beans are so delicious. Their dedicated time and diligence is an essential quality in the entire process. So the next time you pick up your cup of coffee in the morning, not only enjoy every sip but appreciate the true value of this luxury.

What’s so important about the quality of the bean? The quality of the KA’U coffee bean is important because that determines the flavor of the roast. If you have lesser quality beans( Robusta) you’ll have a blander, unbalanced flavor. Compared to using KA’U coffee beans(Arabica) where you get that excellent strong calibrated flavor. Waking up to a cup of great coffee can really set the tone for your day, so choose the right roast that will make yours a easy one. You can never go wrong, by doing the right thing.

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