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The story behind Dark Roast is a Excellent one. To achieve a proper Dark Roast of premeium KA’U coffee, we must first start of with the perfect bean. That bean is called the Arabica bean. This bean is gigantic in size compared to its runt cousin the Robusta Bean. The Arabica Beans arrange in sizes that top grading specifications. For example “Extra Fancy” is any bean that is at least 19/64th of a inch. “Fancy” is anything that is not smaller than 18/64th of a inch. The bigger the better saying most deffinitly is applied in this case.

The coffee beans are incapsulated inside a cherry like skin. 2 beans stay inside of this cherry pod. Unless this is a Pea Berry bean. Pea Berry cherries have only one bean per cherry pod. These Pea Berry pods are located at the end of every tree branch. This is why this bean is so Exclusive in price due to its scarcity compared to the many beans per tree.

Once the cherries are rip, they are hand picked, and put through a pool of water. All the bad cherries with bugs, and air inside of them float up to the surface. Those cherries are then skimmed off, and discard. After about soaking in the pool for about 48 hours the water is drained, the the cherries are sent through a machine that takes off their skin exposing the newly green coffee beans. These beans have a slippery film on the outside of the beans. This is called parchment. The beans are then placed in covered green houses, and dried in the Hawaiian sun. After about drying in the sun for about 3-7 days the beans lose about 70% of their original weight from the beginning process of being inside of the cherry. The beans now are called “Parchment”, before beginning the roasting process the parchment is taken off, and the beans are then placed in a open flame barrel roaster. This roasting method ensures the finest quality of roast. The max capacity per batch is no more than 20 lbs.

The dark roast is one of the longest roast. This roast is a true slow roast, with a roasting time of about 45 minutes.

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