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Roasted to Perfection

Roasted to Perfection

KC808 Roast

There is a series of steps that take place in order to truly get a Exclusive Roast. In order to unlock the code to the Arabica Bean, you must go through a combination of calculated temperatures. These temperatures are caught at multiple times, and degree’s per specific Roast desired. When the time is right and the Green bean is dried on the drying rack with no more than 30% humidity, the beans are then placed into a roaster. This is a very important part to the KC808 roast!!! All of our green bean is roasted in a antique barrel roaster, with a maximum capacity of no more than 20 LBS per roast.  this method insures that quality is of the utmost importance. This roaster uses a open flame for the roasting process. No automatic timers here, just the fine tuned senses of the Roast Master. Next is the roasting time per batch developed. We can only describe so much of this process due to the fact of the family recipe. What we can tell you is that we do a slow roast of no less than 45 minutes per roast. This insures that we capture all of the beans personalities, such as undertones, overtones, texture, flavor and aroma. We then pour the coffee beans onto a drying rack, and when cooled placed in a bag weighing in at 1 to 3 pounds. The bag is then placed with a roasting date. The date of consumption should be 7 days after roast date, but not after 35 days

With all the different delicious roast at your finger tips, it is impossible to make a bad choice. KC808 has a variety of roast  that we offer right on our site. Currently featured we have Dark Roast which is called “Dark Habits”, Medium Roast which is called “Centered Habits”, and Light Roast, which is “Enlightening Habits”.
All of which are 100% Arabica bean grown on a family run coffee farm in the district of KA’U Hawaii.

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